Daryl Lande - President, Lande Associates Inc.

Daryl Lande - President

Daryl Lande has been in the Electrical Business for over 40 years, starting in 1966 on the distribution side of the industry with Canadian Westinghouse. This experience helped Daryl learn about the important area of electrical industry that has become a major part of the markets that he sells to today.

Daryl was with Westinghouse for 14 years covering Windsor and Sarnia, and also worked for D.H. Howden (now Ruddy Electric) and Electrozad, until 1980. The agency side of the business appealed to him at the time, so he joined an agency out of Toronto, covering Southwestern Ontario.

In 1988 he formed his own agency Lande Associates Inc. which predominantly sells to the lighting industry.


Daryl Lande's CEMRA Presidency and EFC

CEMRAS Entrance into Electro-Federation Canada

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Daryl Lande is active in The Canadian Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association and Electro-Federation Canada. He has served CEMRA as president and worked on the EFC's Best Practices Committee. Under his presidency between 1997 and 1998, CEMRA entered Electro-Federation Canada and now plays a bigger role in the day to day business of our industry.